Polished Paradise
Another two coater! The purple becomes much more noticeable with the second coat of polish. This polish is subtle yet awesome. The purple is light enough to go with many skin tones, but bright enough to be noticed, and the added silver shimmer definitely makes a statement! I am really impressed with all three of these polishes. They are beautiful colors and Saint Germain's polish formula is really nice and has a very smooth application. Saint Germain nail polish retails on their website...
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Nail Polish Anonymous
First up is Poppy a shimmery metallic red. Poppy was the one I was most looking forward to try because it looked amazing in the bottle and it was beautiful on the nail. I really enjoyed these polishes and not only because they are beautiful colors.
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Set in Lacquer
The first thing that grabbed my attention when I saw them was the packaging -- Simple, yet chic and classy. The polishes apply wonderfully and have a relatively quick dry time. Once dry the polish has a wonderful glossy shine. I did not use a top coat for the photos...
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I have my eye on Soft apricot/Magical night and Gold/Bronze duos. The Saint Germain Paris eye shadow duo is a great option for a beauty lover on a budget, who also does not want to sacrifice quality...
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Mandie's manicures
I know what you’re thinking. “This doesn’t look like a summery color!” I agree with you, but if you’re sporting bright clothes, then you can go easy on the brightness of your nails (or not, haha). Taupe is definitely my favorite of the five polishes here. It is so chic, and can easily be worn with almost any outfit in your closet...
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I love frugal beauty finds! And today’s post features a few nail polishes from a new affordable makeup brand that I recently discovered – Saint Germain Paris...
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Skin care
After my overpriced makeup brush started shedding all over my face. For less than $10, on sale, I ordered a hot pink Kabuki brush. Upon arrival, the brush does as intended and looks super cute while doing it. Great find!...
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Imperfection is Beauty
Overall, I think that this company has a lot of potential. It is very cheap and the quality is actually good. I'm hoping to try more things from this company. Go check out their website...
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Princess Polish
Saint Germain Paris is an affordable cosmetics collection with contemporary design and Parisian sophistication. They blend quality formulas with sleek, French-inspired packaging, which appeals to all ages and income. The initial collection offers a full range of products for face, eyes, lips and nails....
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Do you NEED this? I say YES if you want an inexpensive cosmetic fix. Saint Germain Paris offers a wide range of cosmetics from eyeshadow to lipstick to foundation and even brushes. Shipping to US and Canada is $5.95...
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We know you love your orange-y red lipstick, but it's time to give that color a tiny rest and reach for something else. Our suggestion? Shocking pink! It works with just about every skin tone flip through today's slideshow to see proof—and simply screams "spring"
It's the chic shade to own right now, so make sure you pick one up A.S.A.P.!...
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Beauty Undercover
Saint Germain Paris is offering twenty Beauty Undercover Subscribers an opportunity to win a spring makeup collection featuring a an Eyeshadow Duo, Rose Nail Polish, Pink Lipstick, Sparkling Brown Liquid Liner and a chic makeup bag (retail $20). First follow them on Twitter and remember to include your eyeshadow duo color preference when entering here....
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Affordable, French Cosmetics Designed for American Women
I got just what I wanted! Sophisticated cosmetics with a great price!
Overall, I give this line a 9 out of 10. I hope to try the other products in the line, but for the three I tried, this is my rank...
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You beauty
Gluten-Free Makeup
No longer a foreign term in beauty, gluten-free makeup options have flourished in recent seasons.
Here’s the pick of the crop....
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Yay, a new makeup company! We love talking about a new girl in the neighborhood and today we're welcoming Saint Germain Paris Makeup to the party. Super affordable (we're talking dirt cheap) and yet comparable to more expensive brands, Saint Germain is quite possibly our new favorite budget brand. We were first struck by the packaging...
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Score: 5/5
Overall: Love! Definitely one of my new favorite brands for polish. Everything from the color to the survival was A+ and design-wise for the bottle, it looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. Highly recommended...
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Evachen Teen Vogue Editor
Another day, another manicure: St. Germain (a new brand out of LA) in Sea Green
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With a decent base (I used BareMinerals Prime Time Eyelid Primer), I found that the eyeshadow duo held up well all-day long without creasing. The eyeshadow duo in Beige Light/Coffee is perfect for an everyday look that’ll suit just about anyone. Even better than it retails for $3.65! Two thumbs up from me...
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Saint Germain Paris Lipstick in Pink held up quite well for at least 3 hours before I had to do another touch-up. I liked that it didn’t feel too heavy on, but kept my lips moist. My only issue with this shade is that I wish there wasn’t any glitter because it’s a bit much. During the day that is. It’s great for going out at night, but a little obnoxious for the office. If you’re looking for a pink lipstick that’s great to wear out and doesn’t hurt your wallet, this is for you...
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It’s really wonderful as a basic mascara (making the “Classic” name fit really well. If you’re looking for something that can give you moderate definition and length, this is pretty perfect for nothing too extremely voluminous or over-the-top...
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Celebrities love Saint Germain Paris Makeup
Saint Germain Paris was glad to offer a makeup gift bag to celebrities and press at the Golden Globe Awards.