Stay matte pressed powder

Stay matte pressed powder is a pressed powder that can be applied by a specific powder brush or a powder puff. The point of the pressed powder is to give you that velvety matte finish and eliminate the shine on your face. If you have just an oily “T-zone” or are oily all over, the tips for application of this product are about the same. .‘There are two important points to make: 1) is the application technique and 2) matching your skin-tone. So test out some colors at a makeup counter or with the assistance of a friend’s makeup collection to find a color that’s close to yours. Also note that the texture of the powder should be silky and finely milled. Application using a powder puff: If you use a puff to apply a stay matte pressed powder, you would need to learn the trick of rolling the puff into the skin to get an even coverage of the stay matte pressed powder. It is a trick to learn how to do this and there are many videos online that can show you how to do it. It’s really quite simple. The most important thing is to have a large enough powder puff that’s not a sponge but an actual fabric puff. Once you learn the technique of dipping a puff into the powder, tapping it off, and rolling it onto the skin, you find that applying this powder will be pretty fast and touching up even faster. The tips below about make sure you have an even application apply to a puff application as equally as it does to a kabuki brush. Please make sure you read it so that you look like you have the perfect complexion that you wish you had. Application using a brush If you use a powder brush or a kabuki brush you would use it much like you would the loose powder, the biggest issue is that you will most likely have to apply the powder a few more times because the powder is pressed and brushes pick up less powder to apply. If you have an uneven skin-tone upon application, you can smooth it out by blotting your face, and again using the brush or the puff to blend repeatedly so that the skin has a smoother texture and the powder is blended out nicely to the edges of your face, around your ears, and into your hairline on your forehead. All edges need to be blended into the hairline. When you are dealing around the jaw, less is more! Use less powder then and keep blending the powder past the jaw-line down into your neckline and décolletage till it disappears. You don’t want to have a colored powder line where you failed to blend. It will show up in the mirror. A good application with a good brush is the key to a flawless complexion with this product. Your best bet is to do some shopping both in stores and online at various beauty sites to find some great products recommendations that are well-suited for your personal preferences and the look you are trying to achieve.

Compact Pressed Powder

To obtain a light and beautiful make up, go for the compact pressed powder.

This ultra-fine pressed powder is perfectly adapted to bring out a luminous finish and unify your skin all the day long.

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Face Makeup Tips

Apply directly the compact pressed powder to your face with a powder brush. Add a little bit of blush on your cheekbones and give yourself a radiant looking glow.

  • Animals TestingNot tested on animals
  • FormulasFormulated for all skin types and ethnicities


hello there
this packaging looks like Chanel and the powder is really incredible for $6!
is it the end of expensive high-end makeup? I hope so

Martha from NYC

powder powder powder

I bought my powder for the first time on this site. their low prices didn't reassure me first but I gave it a chance. NO regret! their compact is AMAZING!!!! light, silky, long lasting...and so cheap. Too bad there is no mirror inside but at this price who would complain!

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Compact Pressed Powder

Compact Pressed Powder

To obtain a light and beautiful make up, go for the compact pressed powder.

This ultra-fine pressed powder is perfectly adapted to bring out a luminous finish and unify your skin all the day long.