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The best lip glosses are popular products and cover a wide range of presentations. Lip glosses are known—and used—for the basic properties of providing a slick of semi-glossy to high wattage glossy lip color from clear to various colors in a variety of presentations. lip Glosses have a wide range of textures including super-glossy, shimmer, glitter, opaque, flavored, iridescent and sheer washes of color in shades that include pastels ranging to deep dark tones of purple, brown and black. Glosses are available in pots, lipstick size containers, and long thin tubes like mascara. The best lips glosses come in a variety of colors from clear, sheers, semi-opaque, densely pigmented and super thick glosses that give lips a mirror-like finish. The semi-opaque ones often have more moisturizing and nourishing ingredients along with the pigment. Glosses can be sticky or have a thinner texture that isn’t sticky but just shiny enough to catch some attention. The modern woman finds glosses handy in various presentations particularly glosses that can be mixed up to create unique color with glitter, sparkles, iridescence, and a tasty flavor. The color range is much like eye shadows with a range of pastels to deeply pigmented sheers or semi-opaque lip gloss

Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is an essential secret to carry in your purse.

best lip gloss


Lips Makeup Tips

Apply Lip Gloss generously on your lips with the applicator. You can also put a few layers to obtain a more intense color.

A touch of eyeshadow on your eyes to coordinate the colors, and there you are...irresistible!

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 at Saint Germain is the number one secret to illuminate your lips.

  • Animals TestingNot tested on animals
  • FormulasFormulated for all skin types and ethnicities
  • Applicator includedYes


hello there, I like non-sticky gloss, long-lasting and moisturizing too. this Saint Germain is excellent,
it never forms this bad white line on my lips.
I do love the colors and the price!!!

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Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is an essential secret to carry in your purse.

best lip gloss